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Contact Your Senator!

At a point in time, such as the present, where our country is going through many transformations, there is no better time to advocate for change than now.

Whatever your political stance may be in our extremely polarized world, we are all here underneath the unison agreement that there is a need for a voice advocating for those with food allergies. Whether you are a parent, teen, or even a child afflicted with food allergies you can understand from first hand experiences the lack of knowledge that general society has about food allergies.

New legislation has reached the Senate and it could make life so much easier and safer for children with food allergies in the public school system if passed.

The School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act (H.R. 2468) will do the following:

  • Methods to identify all students who have allergies or asthma

  • Individual student action plans

  • School nurses or trained staff on site during operating hours to give medicines for both allergies and asthma

  • Education for school staff

  • Efforts to reduce environmental triggers

  • Coordinate management of care with families and healthcare providers

This Act has been a top priority of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for years and their goal is so close to success.

This leaves one question.


Contact the Senator of your state by sending an email through the following link:


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