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Emergency Bag Essentials!

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

As someone who is severely allergic to Nuts, it's important to always keep an emergency bag. This is what I carry everyday whether I'm at school, out with friends, or traveling.

Above I have a travel size purell, my inhaler, handwipes/tablewipes, my two Auvi-Qs, a MadeGood Bar as my snack, and my panda pouch!

1. Your Epi-Pen or Auvi Q

The number one rule for anyone with allergies is to always carry your Epi-pen. You never know when you can react to something, or when someone around you may need it. It's always better to be safe then sorry. In the situation of a reaction, you want to make sure that your Epi-pen is always close at hand, so it can be administered quickly if need be. I personally like to carry multiple Auvi-Q's on me as they are small, easy to use and can talk to you.

2. Wet Wipes/Purell

It is important to always carry some type of hand wipes or hand cleanser when on the go. You never know when your going to want to grab a bite to eat, and it's important to make sure that your hands are clean. We use our hands everyday, on subways, in libraries, and many different public areas. You can never know for sure what someone was doing before you were there. That library book you touched, maybe someone was eating Nut Butter Cookies? The Desk you rubbed your hand across, maybe someone spilled their Nut Trail Mix. You friends hand you shook, who knows what they were eating just minutes before? In addition, it's always good to carry these, just to keep your hands clean in general :) .

3. Table Wipes

Personally I like to carry table wipes with me whenever I'm going somewhere. If I see a table with crumbs on it, whether in public or in school I like to take out my wipes and wipe it down before I sit. I then following up with hand wipes or Purell. It's safer to ensure that I'm not coming into contact with any food that can be dangerous for me.

4. Allergy Action Plan

I can not stress enough how important it is to carry your Allergy Action Plan. When in the moment of an allergic reaction, it can be hard to determine whether or not you need to administer the Epi-Pen. An Allergy Action Plan identifies symptoms you'd have if you need to use the Epi-pen. It is useful and reassuring when in the moment of a reaction as it tells you when to use the Epi-pen and when to take Benadryl.

5. Safe Snacks

I always like to carry some allergy-friendly snacks with me when I'm on the go. Whether i'm visiting friends and family, or just traveling it's important to always carry a snack. You can never ensure that you can find a snack that pertains to you allergies in the moment, so it's good to have something on you to munch on.

6. Inhaler

I know that this does not pertain to allergies specifically, but I know asthma for me can be caused by allergic reactions. I feel safer carrying it around, and I believe it's more of a benefit than extra weight in my bag.

7. A Bag/Pouch

I like to keep all of these items inside of a little wallet sized pouch or fanny pack. When thrown in your bag, you can easily differentiate it from other things in your bag and it makes everything much easier to find.


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