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Logan Inn and The Landing Review at New Hope, PA

Today me and my family visited New Hope, Pennsylvania in hopes of walking around the town and having lunch at "The Landing". You may be confused as the picture for this post is not "The Landing", but "Logan Inn". When me and my family arrived at "The Landing" we were very excited. Being that the restaurant had high ratings and was rated #1 in the eclectic town I had large expectations for their service, but was majorly disappointed. Upon arrival we made sure to inquire about their allergy accommodations before we sat down. I explained to the host that I have nut allergies and was wondering if the Kitchen would be able to accommodate my allergies. His first response was "What do you mean?". I was immediately taken aback. When I pressed on more about allergies, he continued to answer with vague responses that indicated he had no idea what allergies were. This raised suspicious Red Flags. I eventually decided to walk away and find another place to eat at, as the environment and lack of knowledge from both the waitress and host made me feel uncomfortable. Me and my family walked a bit farther to a restaurant we had seen when passing by, "Logan Inn". The staff at "Logan Inn" was very kind and able to accommodate my allergies. The only nuts they had in their kitchen was some walnuts in their salads. They explained to me how the Salad Bar was separate from the Kitchen, and had it's own assigned staff to that section ensuring no cross contamination with my meal. Our waitress Dana was amazing, and notified the kitchen staff of my allergies. On the topic of the food, it was delicious (I inserted some pictures below). I was simple and just ordered some pasta with sauce, and a side of broccolini. My mom had ordered a grilled chicken sandwich which came with cheese, arugula, peppers, and of course chicken. I stole half of her sandwich and it was so good! I even stole some of my brother's fries, which were seasoned with not just salt, but many other spices. To conclude my experience at "The Landing" was unsettling, but my experience at "Logan Inn" was reassuring and pleasurable. I also got to stand in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the same time today!

Below is a few of the meals we ordered *Swipe to View*


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