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Longhorn Steakhouse: Bad Service + Made Me Feel Unsafe

I just left a Longhorn Steakhouse near where I live and did not leave on a good note. It was our first time going to the restaurant in a few years but we were sure that like many other areas they would be able to accommodate my allergies. When our waitress came around we immediately notified her of my allergies and asked if the kitchen would be able to accommodate them. She suddenly gained an attitude and gave us unclear answers to our questions, she said that she would grab us an allergy book. She left, grabbed us an allergen book and told us to "look through it". She dropped off the book and left to take another order.

She could not have cared less. She did not notify us of protocol or if the kitchen would even be able to accommodate my allergies. We were left sitting there with a book on allergen information only on some of the meals that the Steakhouse provided. We decided to get the manager who was very kind and the only reason we decided to stay for any longer, as I was already beginning to feel nervous. The waitress came back and then took our order. Fifteen minutes later she brings out bread. The bread is sprinkled with some sort of seeds. My brother is severely allergic to sesame seeds as am I, and we wanted to make sure that the bread was safe for us. When we inquired if it was safe for us she said " I don't know about allergies look at the book". However, she had taken the book away and before we could ask for the book she walked away again. I would like to note we went off hours and the place was practically empty. Ten minutes later the book is dropped off at our table and the waitress leaves again. When looking through the book we not only find that the bread was not listed in the allergen book, but sesame was also not a listed allergen.

At this point there were too many red flags for us to proceed having dinner. When your waiter or server shows a lack of care to accommodate your allergies, you need to leave. They are the ones bringing you your food, and if they're unable to make you feel safe then I have a lack of trust in them and what they are bringing to me. This shows bad training as the restaurant was practically empty and the waitress was only serving us and one other table. I felt uncomfortable and that my concerns were being dismissed. I have been to plenty of different restaurants that have gone well out of their way to make me feel safe about my allergies. Longhorn Steakhouse in Freehold NJ is not the place to go if you have any kind of dietary concerns in my opinion. The waitress I had that day was rude and made me feel unsafe. Never stay somewhere where people are making you feel uncomfortable about your allergies.


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